Client Testimonials


"I went to see Matias Flores at a time of a lot of distress.  My ex-wife was trying to take my 3 children away from me.  I was concerned because of the allegations, and because my prior experiences in court had not been positive. Mr. Flores took over the case, assumed all responsibility, contacted the other side, and completely resolved the case with my ex-wife’s attorney’s in a matter of two weeks.”  – E. F.


"Matias es un hombre original, trasparente, bilingue y de una calidad humana mayuscula." - C. M.


"I interviewed 3 different attorneys all within a square smile of each other on the same day. I wanted to make sure this person that I was inviting into my private life respected my perspective, but was trustworthy, someone who was ready to fight next to me when I wanted to fight, but keep me from hurting myself immersed in legalities... Matias Flores was willing to make that commitment as my legal counsel, he did a great job, and I thank God everyday that I made that call." - D. S.


"I contacted the lawyer Matias Flores just for consultation about family dispute and after talking with him and he gave me his advice, I feel that he really had the professionalism and knowledge that I was looking for. I got in court the best results that never I can imagine and want to recommend him to everybody that needs to resolve a family situation. Thanks Matias Flores!" - S. L.